Custom Decal Design

Create Your Own Decal Masterpiece 




Whether you have distinct taste or unique space,

customising a decal gives you control on what you want,

and you get to enjoy a decal you can call your very own.


Our team of experts will work with you to

tailor the decal to suit your space and achieve the effect you desire.



Let us know your desired decal size.

This is not your wall size but the preferred dimensions of your decal.

You don't have to be precise at this moment - just an estimate or a range will suffice.


If you have reference photos of the design style that you love, send them through to us.

You can do this via file attachments on our enquiry form or via direct email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


You are encouraged to send us photos of your space.

Wider angle shots are preferred as they allow our designer to understand your space and style.

It will also help us when we do color selection.


Once we have all this information, we'll present to you a quotation for your consideration.

Note that pricing is based on the amount of vinyl material that we have to use (size does matter),

the complexity of design work required, as well as the installation service fee (optional but recommended for large pieces).